Full Video: DomOfTheYear Video Leaked

DomOfTheYear Video Leaked On Twitter, Redit & Youtube (Watch Full Video)


The Year’s Best Dom video This film was leaked in the United States and is quite popular. However, if you are unaware of the video’s substance or the reasons Dave Portnoy and Dom got into such a heated debate, you should read about it here.


The use of social media has been a fantastic source of amusement. Through their social media profiles, people are more linked to their favorite celebrities, athletes, actresses, etc. This time, the two well-known figures Dave Portnoy and Boston rapper Dom Of The Year have been popular.


It’s because the rapper was shown to be fighting with Dave Portnoy in the Dom of the Year video on TikTok, who rated the pizza on a scale of 0 to 10 from various locations.


Dave got into a confrontation with the Dragon Pizza proprietor on the sidewalk while assessing the restaurant’s pizza. Additionally, Dom entered the argument during this exchange of words along with another bystander.


Because he claimed to get better every year, he dubbed himself “Dom of the Year.” His scathing responses made him intriguing to the public, and the video of this argument quickly gained popularity on social media.


Online reports claim that as Dave Portnoy, the proprietor of Barstool Sports, was discussing the worst pizza, Dom, the Boston rapper, and Dave got into a furious altercation.


The altercation started out between Dave Portnoy and the proprietor of Dragon Pizza, but later Dom joined both of them. Dom, a bystander, got into the debate between Dave and the owner of Dragon Pizza while they were having a disagreement.


The disagreement was recorded on tape and posted to TikTok, which is how the video became popular and people were drawn to the Domoftheyear tape Leaked on TikTok. People responded to the popular video, and some of them thought it was funny.



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