Sasha Skare Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison for Murdering Beyoncé’s Cousin

A woman who was accused of murdering Beyoncé’s cousin was eventually found guilty.


Sasha Skare, 24, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for shooting Kardone, whose real name is Martell DeRouen, inside his apartment in 2021, according to multiple reports. Kardone died at the age of 34.


It’s worth noting that Skare claimed Kardone assaulted her and that she shot him in self-defense.


However, she was unable to prove this in court, as witnesses present at the hearing stated that she displayed no emotion as the verdict was read.


Skare turned down a plea deal that would have resulted in 20 years in prison instead of the 55 years she received on Friday. Kardone’s parents were relieved that some justice had been served.


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