Full Video: Brittany McClure Dog Sex Video Leaked Footage

Brittany McClure & Dog Sex Video Leaked Footage (Watch Full Video)


Following her ex-boyfriend’s discovery of horrific video of the occurrence on home security cameras and turning it over to authorities, a Michigan lady was detained for engaging in sex acts with her dog Max.


According to Fox 2 Detroit, Brittany McClure, 30, was charged last week with sodomy and animal mistreatment for allegedly assaulting the cat.

According to police, she tried to encourage the dog to reciprocate the act by having oral sex with her. McClure was heard praising the animal a “good boy” while lying on a mattress on the living room floor.


The cameras in their home showed her engaging in sex with Max, and her ex-boyfriend reported her to the police.


Investigators found that her actions were “plain as day” after watching the entire six minutes of the horrifying footage, according to the Taylor Police Department.


Max was cited as a victim in the complaint and McClure was charged with sodomy and animal mistreatment.


The defendant, Brittany McClure, is shown in that video lying on a mattress on the living room floor while covered by a blanket. Detective Philip Collop testified in court on Wednesday that the woman opens the blanket and calls the dog over.




Another Taylor Police Department officer was astonished and saddened by the occurrence because in more than two decades on the job, he had never witnessed anything like it.


Lieutenant Frank Canning remarked, “[It was] plain as day: his ex-girlfriend performing fellatio on their dog named Max and her attempts to get Max to reciprocate.”


McClure admitted to conducting the sex acts on the dog, and he further stated that he thought the dog had a fetish. Lieutenant Canning remarked, “Kind of an interest in fetish stuff that was seen on the internet.”


I’m not aware of any defense that might excuse these actions. She did acknowledge doing these things to Max. I’m glad the video was recorded because I’d hate for Max to start acting like this all the time. The dog wasn’t harmed in the event, and McClure’s ex-boyfriend received him back.


McClure was given a ban on all interactions with animals, and the judge set a $100,000 bond. She allegedly told police that this was the only time she had sex with an animal. If found guilty of sodomy, she may spend up to 15 years in prison; if found guilty of animal maltreatment, she might spend up to 4 years.




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