One Piece Episode 1070 Review: Joyboy Returns After 800 Years

After a week’s break, One Piece returns with a brand-new episode that is preparing for the most highly anticipated episode in the franchise’s and possibly anime’s history.


This week’s episode is titled “Luffy is Defeated?! The Determination of Those Left Behind,” and it will focus on the calm before the storm of Luffy’s upcoming transformation. The episode doesn’t start well for Monkey D. Luffy fans because the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates is just down and out while Kaido stands over him, and the next thing you know, Luffy coughs up blood. The release of his gear 4 form sends him into the sky until his body returns to normal, at which point his body begins to return to the ground. Luffy’s heartbeats and flashbacks of his comrades going through hell during their time in Wano captivated the scene and were one of the best scenes in the episode.

Next, Momo (who can hear the ‘voice of all things’) notices that Luffy’s voice has vanished. The narrator declares Kaido the winner, which was unnecessary but acceptable. Kaido attacks CP0 Guernica with brute force and goes on a rampage, while the remaining CP0 agent realizes the situation and flees. Kaido believes Luffy is dead after seeing a flashback of Luffy saying that if his last attack didn’t work, he would be dead. He doesn’t finish the job and eventually transforms into a dragon. At this point, I believe Kaido is just looking for someone to kill him because he truly has nothing to live for.


When Kawamatsu was desperate to save the samurais from the fire, a ‘Blast Breathe’ descended on them. Kaido goes on a rampage through the live floor, looking for Momo to convince him to surrender while informing everyone that Luffy has died. Law noticed that Luffy’s voice had gone silent, and Chopper began to cry (which made me very sad because Chopper should never cry). Nami refuses to believe Luffy is no longer alive and confronts Kaido. That is why I adore Nami. She’s determined to get the bag, but she’ll make it known who her captain is. Kaido attempted to attack Nami, but Marco saved her and stated that losing a war means losing everything important in life.


The Beast Pirates attempted to attack Law and Kid. Law’s and Kid’s crews are both defending their captains. Neko and Carrot are prepared to fight. Law and Kid stood up and prepared to fight Kaido. This led to the Momo scene with Yamato. Momo begins to lose faith, and Yamato is forced to give him a pep talk. This scene turned me back into a Momo hater because he was acting like a coward far too much. Thank God for Yamato reminding him that the sacrifices made by the daimyos and samurais over the last 20 years will be futile if Momo surrenders. Yamato enters the I’d rather die than be a slave mode.


Kaido begins destroying everything again, and the scene switches between Luffy’s lifeless body and the battle scenes. Nami eventually channels her inner Sakura by bringing Luffy back to life.


The best part of the episode is when we hear Luffy’s heartbeat and Zunesha starts talking to Momo, and then you hear these epic drums that make the moment even better. Zunesha tells Momo that she hears the “Drums of Liberation,” and you can sense her excitement. Luffy’s body begins to change, and Zunesha informs Momo that Joyboy has returned after 800 years. The episode concludes with the iconic Luffy grin.


One Piece Episode 1070 Opinions:

The episode was quite enjoyable. I like a little calm before the storm, and Kaido believing Luffy is dead was a good way to do it. It was interesting to see how each character reacted to the possibility of Luffy dying at Kaido’s hands. My least favorite scene was when Momo acted cowardly. I wanted to enter the episode and smack him in the face. The best part of the episode was when Zunesha hyped up Joyboy’s return. The music was fantastic, and Ben Hiura did an excellent job with his voice acting in this scene. The only issue I had with this week’s episode was that they released the Gear 5 teaser last week, which took away the suspense.


What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop your thoughts below.

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