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TikToker and OnlyF model “Ninadoesthemost” was “traumatized” after being forced to abandon her pet cat in Taiwan while trying to bring her furry friend to Bali. Traveling with pets can be a very stressful experience for both the owner and the animal.

Airlines may have strict restrictions on the types and sizes of animals allowed in the cabin, sometimes even forcing them to be flown in the cargo hold. Animals can also become very anxious while flying, which can lead to health problems. However, a woman who flew to Bali with her pet cat turned into a real nightmare after she was forced to keep it.

Ninadoesthemost, a popular TikToker and OnlyF model who was forced to leave her cat behind during a trip to Bali, called her experience with her pet “traumatic”. TikToker and OF model “Ninadoesthemost” documented the stressful moment she was forced to leave her cat in Taiwan during a trip to Bali. The interactive clip shows an airline worker telling Nina she has to fly back to the US “today” without her cat.

“Can I be with my cat?” she asked, clearly desperate. “No? She can’t be locked up for hours… Does anyone care if she’s an animal that hasn’t eaten?” According to Nina, she “made sure” her cat had received all the “proper documentation” from the veterinarian who issued her a “travel certificate” to Indonesia specifically for her.

Yet despite all these precautions, Nina was told she couldn’t bring her cat into the country — even though she paid $1,300 to have a veterinarian review the travel regulations and approve everything.

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