Full Video: Kwadaso Nursing Training Video

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video – A leaked video recording showing two first-year Kwadaso SDA Nursing and Midwifery Training College students from Kumasi, Ashanti, trending on twitter, reddit and youtube has been released by a male student blackmailer.


The off-campus video was made public after the woman in the video handed over her phone to a colleague for repair.

The blackmailer demanded 50,000 Ghana cedis after copying the footage from the victim’s phone and threatened to reveal the video if she did not cooperate.


He intentionally released the tape during the evening school service on June 23, 2023, at precisely 6:30 p.m., due to the woman’s inability to pay the blackmailer’s financial demand.


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According to other students, the female student’s impolite behavior prompted the entire church service to be disrupted and the auditorium to convulse in laughter.


A female student corroborated the occurrence during an interview in Ashanti regional, saying, “Yes, the two individuals in the video are our classmates.” All of these scholars are first-year students. Simply put, the video was taken outside of campus. School administration is now reviewing the case. She stated.


“Even though they are adults,” she said, “I believe the two students require psychological assistance; the situation is embarrassing.”


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